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URL Registration as easy as 1-2-3 !


  1. Start the URL registration search!  Do it now.


Just enter the URL name you’d like to register in the search box above and hit the “Get It” button.  The best way to find out if the URL you want to register is available is to simply search for it.  If the URL you want is already registered, use the advanced search tools within the site to help you find that perfect available URL.  If the URL you searched for is available for registration, grab it before someone else does!  Millions of URLs are registered every year.  Don’t lose your URL registry.


  1. Get the .Com or your country extension (.CA for Canada ).


This is the biggest mistake a lot of URL newbie’s make.  In a hurry to get their web sites up, small business owners purchase the available .net domain or buy a hyphenated version of their name.  It’s good strategy to protect your brand by buying the alternate URL extensions for your brand.  However, you want your main web site to be a .com or your country extension.  Why?  Customer’s typically don’t remember extensions, and will send email or point their browser to the .com version of your URL name.  This can be a costly mistake in terms of customer confusion, and you’ll spend valuable time explaining the .net or hyphen to each of your prospective customer.


  1. You can still find a great available URL to Register.


It’s a fact:  All the one word and most of the two word URL registry are already purchased.  Also, all three and four letter URLs are also already Registered.  URLs such as Register.com or Open.com are really cool and marketable, but they were registered soon after the internet was invented.  You can buy “premium domains”, or domains that someone else has registered.  Simply look at the search results once you’ve entered in your desired URL to see if it’s available as a premium purchase. 


This site or this website can help you find a cheap pay per month website hosting plan once you're ready to turn your domain name into a site.


Another way to find an available URL is to add a common ending to the name you want.  For example, try adding a generic company specifier such as:  Team; Group; Inc; Agency; or Partners.  Also try adding your city or state.  You may have luck with adding an industry description term to your desired URL like:  Dentist; Medical; Media; or IT.  

You can also go a step further and create a truly unique URL name.  Try a memorable phrase that’s related to your business.  A crab restaurant has the URL name ILoveCrabs.com as an example.  You could also just make up a name.  Google.com really didn’t mean anything until the search engine branded and marketed the URL.  Be careful here as branding a brand new name can be expensive.

Note:  you can't register a https URL.  You get a https URL by using a SSL certificate on your domain name; most likely once you're selling products on your site.  Learn more here, or at this site.

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